Monday, 20 June 2016

A Client's Perspective

Last week I posted a family photo session which gives you an idea of what a typical session looks like. This week I wanted to follow up with a description of what a typical session “feels” like straight from the client’s perspective. For those thinking about booking a session and not quite sure what to expect, here is one client’s thoughts on their family documentary photo session. 

1. Before booking a session with me, did you have any hesitations about the documentary type approach? If so, could you please explain. 

I was very excited about the documentary approach to photographing my family. Those everyday candid moments are what we always remember and say "ahhh if I only had a pic of that!" . The only hesitation I had was a worry that my kids would be shy and not act natural. 

2. In your own words, how would you describe the documentary style approach to photography and how did it feel to participate in this type of photo session?  

The documentary style of photography to me is what is most beautiful about photography. It allows us to capture those little moments in life. The memories that make us smile and allow us to relive that moment every time we look at the photos. The impact of a photo that captures emotion is so much more meaningful then a posed portrait. I had a wonderful time participating and would not only recommend it to anyone but would never have family photos done any other way.

3. What were you most excited about for the photo session? 

I was most excited at the opportunity to be involved in what my family was doing while being photographed and also be included in the photos as I am usually the one that is behind the camera. 

4. Now that you have seen your gallery of images from the photo session, how do you feel about the hesitations you mentioned in #1?

The photos are beyond what I could have expected. They captured my family so beautifully! They are truly stunning in quality and I love that my kids just went about their day being goofy and enjoying a nice Saturday morning. Your sunshine personality and infectious laugh made everyone at ease and it felt as though we just had a good friend over hanging out. 

5. What advice would you give, or what would you tell someone thinking about a documentary photo session for their family?

Anyone who decides to take this approach to family photos will never be disappointed. You are amazingly talented and it was a joy to have you do this for us. Thank you!!

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Morning with D and family

As much as I prepare beforehand, I never know quite what to expect when I meet a new family. That is part of the excitement and the challenge. I walked into the home of the family you will meet below which included: 4 humans, 2 dogs and a cat - each of them with their own distinct personalities. I was the lucky one who got to see how all the pieces fit together so beautifully. 

I was especially nervous knowing that the mom is an awesome photographer and when I saw her amazing photos of the kids hanging in their home, I knew I had to make this one special. My one advantage: the story this time would include her.

Thank you for letting me share your life for a few hours and trusting me to tell you story. 



Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Session for TP Creations

I was beyond thrilled when asked to take photos for TP Creations to showcase their line of baby and kids products. These locally handmade accessories are adorable, incredibly soft and well-made with comfort in mind. Anyone with kids (or those looking for gifts ideas for kids), needs to check out their site.

Spending time with these little humans really didn’t feel like work - their individual personalities, the honesty in their interactions and emotions - it just doesn’t get any better than that. 

I love this job.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Why Documentary Photo Sessions?

I have always been drawn to more unposed photos that show personality and emotion, where not everyone was looking at the camera - photos that speak to the viewer in some way. I have nothing against more formal portraits. I think there is definitely a place for those and often great skill that goes into that work. I just think there is a whole other part of life that gets missed when we think about photographing our families and loved ones.

About 3 years ago I was contacted by someone I didn't know to take pictures of their family. They began asking if I had cute backdrops and props that they could use because they didn't think their home was suitable. This was a bit of a turning point for me because as much as I wanted to accept any request for a session that came my way, it wasn't the type of session that I was passionate about. I panicked a little bit because I thought this meant that nobody would ever want the type of photographs that I love to take. I wanted people to see the beauty and simplicity in those everyday moments by letting their real selves show and to see the value in creating photos that tell the story of who they are at that time. The other turning point was that this simple request from a client led me to a search where I discovered an amazing community of photographers devoted to the style of photography that I love so much (more on that in a future blog post!).

I'd really love to know more about you and your thoughts on Family Documentary Photo sessions. Please complete this short quiz (seriously, there are only 10 little questions) - feel free to share with family and friends!