Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Why Small Businesses Should Invest in Photography (Part 2)

I wanted to shift the focus a bit from where my last post left off and share a few tips on how to prepare for your business photo session. These photo sessions are all about putting your best foot forward but also being real and true to your brand.

3 tips to keep in mind before your business photo session:

1) What to wear
Choose something that is comfortable and appropriate for the type of work you do. Depending on the idea for the photoshoot, think about what you wear when you are working or if you were meeting a client.

2) Have a plan but be flexible
Having a general idea of the types of shots you need will help to guide the session. Discuss these beforehand with your photographer so that they come prepared with the right equipment. Some shots or angles might not work as you envision - they may not be flattering to you or your work, or maybe the space you are working in has limitations. Trust the photographer to find the best solution for your particular photoshoot.

3) Tidy up your work area before the session
Of course the idea is to showcase your work in a real setting but photos will show everything. Take the time before the session to look at your space, remove any items that don't belong or to place elements in a way that is less distracting to the focus of the shoot. Have on hand all the tools or elements you would like included.

To give you an idea of how each photo session is different. Have a look at two businesses I worked with recently. Each session was tailored to what they needed and to the nature of their businesses.

Maman Chic Boutique 

Maman Chic Boutique is a local shop in Aylmer QC filled with the most thoughtfully selected items for expecting moms, new moms and even beyond the bump. I love this shop and all that it offers from the personalized one on one attention to the convenience of online shopping.

Dulce Couture Cakes

Gabriela is the face behind Dulce Couture Cakes. Having seen many of her creations before we met, I was so excited to meet her and see her at work. Her attention to detail and passion for her work shines through.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Why Small Businesses Should Invest in Photography (Part 1)

A few weeks ago I posted a few tips on what photos businesses should include on their websites. One of the challenges that businesses big and small have is standing out in the crowd: Competing for attention from clients that are overwhelmed with daily visual content coming in all directions. So, how does photography put the odds in your favour?

·         Professional photos communicate just that – professionalism. Posting professional photos of your shop, your products or yourself takes it up a level and can work to legitimize your business. Take a look at the Instagram accounts of your favourite shops. Consistency and quality are key. Are you likely to buy from someone who posts dark, blurry images of products they sell?
·         Professional photographers have the gear, know-how and experience to make you, your products or shop look their best. It can be far less expensive to invest in photography services versus trying to go out and buy all that gear and taking courses, trying to build your experience to shoot like a professional. Think instead about investing that time and energy into other aspects of your business. 
·         Hiring a professional can save you tons of time which you can then use to focus on doing what you do best. Doing a photoshoot with a professional can lead to a collection of images that will last you for months to post on social media, your website and promotional materials.
·         Photos can tell YOUR story to help connect you with your audience – to create an image that people remember and relate to. Spending money on ads and then skimping on the photos you are using to promote your business and yourself, you may not be leaving potential clients with the impression that you want.

Just as each business is unique, the photos that tell their story should be as well. 
Using locations that are meaningful, relevant and showing them at work helps to get a
sense of who they are. For example, I recently worked with Marianne from Heirloom
Events and Decor to create photos for her business. We met at the vintage inspired coffee
shop and I took photos of her while she worked on a sketch and enjoyed the largest latté.

Stay tuned for more information on business portraits and profiles of other businesses!!

Melanie Mathieu Photography on location photo shoot for business photos

Photo taken by Melanie Mathieu Photography

Marianne laughing while drinking her latte during photo session with Melanie Mathieu Photography

Authentic business portrait taken at cafe by Melanie Mathieu Photography

Black and white photo of Marianne at Cafe Cristal taken by Melanie Mathieu Photography


Monday, 8 May 2017

Cara turns 3

Getting ready for the party was the idea behind a recent documentary family photo session with three year old Cara and her family. I think we all know the time and effort that goes into setting up for a party and in the rush of things, it is difficult to remember to pull out the camera to take those photos. I was happy to capture these moments for this family.

Mom and daughter going upstairs to get ready for toddler birthday party during lifestyle photo session in Ottawa Barrhaven

Mom and daughter moment in black and white while daughter puts on her party shoes to prepare for her birthday party. Photo taken during family documentary/lifestyle photo session in Ottawa Ontario by Gatineau photographer Melanie Mathieu

Little girl putting on her party shoes herself before her party. Photo taken during family photo session in Barrahaven, Ottawa Ontario by Melanie Mathieu Photography

Detail shot of toddler in her party dress showing her legs and shoes taken during family photo session in Ottawa Ontario (Barrhaven) by Melanie Mathieu Photography

Photo of little girl sitting in her bed in her room waiting for the party to begin. Photo taken by Melanie Mathieu Photography during lifestyle photography session.

Photo of little girl laughing and playing in her room taken during family photo session in Ottawa Ontario by Melanie Mathieu Photography

Little girl looking out of her bedroom window waiting for guests to arrive for her party. LIfestyle family photo session with Melanie Mathieu Photography.

Photo taken by Melanie Mathieu Photography during family photo session in Ottawa/Barrhaven, Ontario. Photo shows mom and daughter holding hands going downstairs.

Frozen party themed birthday party balloons for a little girl turning 3. Photo taken during lifestyle documentary family photo session by Melanie Mathieu Photography.

Family getting ready for toddler birthday party taken during family photo session in Ottawa Ontario by Melanie Mathieu Photography.

Toddler watches as her parents set up for her party taken during lifestyle family photo session with Melanie Mathieu Photography

Photo taken during lifestyle family documentary session in Barrhaven. Preparations for Frozen birthday party.

Frozen cake from Wicked Desserts Ottawa