Monday, 14 January 2019

My New Love

I've been working hard behind the scenes to figure out a way to incorporate video into my photography business. Video can really complement still photos by adding depth to a story. The power of a photograph is how it allows us to savour tiny moments frozen in time, appreciating the details of that moment. I love staring at a photo and seeing details I didn't notice during the moment or taking photos to show clients the beauty of a simple interaction. Video brings the preservation of moments to another level by using movement and sound - little voices, the sound of laughter, mannerisms. It's like stepping back into a memory and reliving it. 

I documented a few everyday routines over the holidays with my kids and I'm slowly finding my voice and a new workflow using both photos and video....and I'm loving it!! My goal this year is to use video more and more - both professionally and personally. I don't want to forget how their voices sound at these ages, their favourite games, how my youngest always pools copious amounts of maple syrup over her crêpes and has to start each meal by announcing "bon appetito". These are moments that videos brings to life. 

One thing that struck me while watching the mini films I put together of our holidays, I'm not in any of them. I'm still working on how to incorporate myself into the story more. This is why I love shooting families. So often, it's the moms who document (not always of course, but often), and so I like being able to give something to families where everyone is in the picture. I hope to do the same with video soon!

For now, click on the link below to see a little taste of what we've been up to - our real, everyday life in all its beautiful imperfectness.